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HTML 5 and CSS3 have been our there for a few years now but most people have been reluctant to use wither to full extent because of the worry that their websites will not work in all browsers. When building website it is VERY important that it works on all browsers and devices.

It seems that as always, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the main factor that is holding this technology back. As the web designers nightmare IE is the thorn in everyones side when building websites. Us web designers have to do so much extra work just to get our fancy websites working with IE.

Looking at this chart: http://www.findmebyip.com/litmus/ it is glaringly obvious that IE in all versions is hell bent on messing up the power of HTML5 and CSS3.

Well, today I looked at the browser user stats and found that at last IE is becoming less and less used, in fact less than 25% of people use it.

This is great news for us web developers, hopefully soon there Microsoft will bring their browser up to date and support the full range of goodness that HTML5 and CSS3 bring to the table.

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