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Grab em in 5 seconds. Ok, so a potential customer hits your website, within the first 10 seconds they will decide if they like the look of the website design and if they are going to stay or navigate away to a better site. 10 seconds is hard to believe but it is true.

The top half of your home page is the most important part of any website, there are 3 golden rules that in the majority of cases must be applied to the top half – otherwise know as “Above The Fold”

Rule 1: Logo top left!

Rule 2: Telephone Number top right!

Rule 3: Tell them Exactly What you Do!

Rule 4: Call to action!

Logo top left – Not too big, not too small, A crisp perfect version to tell the customer/visitor who you are.
Telephone Number – A no brainier but so many websites make you hunt for their contact number.. Annoying!
Strap line – A unique one line that explains what you do or what the service/ benefit they get. Don’t make it a complicated riddle.
Call to action – Don’t beat around the bush. Click here, Apply Now, Call today. It works.

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