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What is a bounce rate?

A very common question we answer at our web design company is “What is a bounce rate?” A simple question that is answered very simply, a bounce rate (BR) is terminology first brought to us by Google – you can see your bounce stats on your Google Analytics  dashboard. This statistic represents the percentage of […]

Google Panda Update or Google Panic Update?

The long and the short of it is that Google are continually pushing the boundaries in their attempts to deliver great content for THEIR users. What does this mean? Well as always Google are trying to wipe out link farms, nasty black hat SEO firms and poor quality websites full of adverts and rubbish quality […]

Retro Golf Gti Convertible

Fresh Web have a retro VW Golf GTI Convertible on loan for 2 weeks whilst the sun is out! If you are lucky enough to see us this week then we might just take you out for a spin!!

8 steps to writing the perfect page titles

1. Short, descriptive web page titles Google only look at the first 68 characters. Do not make the title longer, because the results are shown as a chopped down version in Goole’s listings. It looks poor! 2. Find keywords/phrases that are converting Sometimes it is not the phrases that you think are obvious that generate […]

Free Fresh and Crisp Fonts

When producing websites the difference between a good design and a great design sometimes comes down to the fonts you choose. There are millions of font faces, themes and looks to choose from it can take hours to find the right one. While there are countless wonderful and affordable fonts to buy, every now and […]

Time to blog

Do you ever get time to blog? Well you should, even if it is once or twice a month you should always make time to blog. Studies show that websites with regularly updated blogs gain more natural traffic. With modern technology there is no excuse, blogging, tweeting and the phenomenon of Facebook is now made […]

Best website design layout

Website design Where do you start?  Do you sketch your thoughts out on paper? Or do you try to do it an a computer?  Do you have a logo? Do you put the web page on the left of the screen? Do you have the page in the center of the screen? or Do you […]