Web Design Preston

Firstly WordPress was developed as a blogging platform but over that last few years it has changed significantly. There is a two way split, one is the online hosted and managed public blogging website, the other is the downloadable self managed and hosted open source CMS. This has always been the case, the changes are to self managed system.

Nowadays most agencies are using WordPress as their CMS of choice to build websites. It is extremely easy to use, versatile and feature rich. You can build a full featured website with blog/news and do all sorts of cool stuff like pull your Twitter, Facebook and many other social media feeds in to it. Pull recent blog items on to your home page. Add on of thousands of widgets or plugins for free an a ton of other brilliant stuff.

WordPress is setup to be Google friendly with permalinks, canocial URL’s, blog roll and many more plus points.

All in all, a very good CMS that’s easy to use and very powerfull. Try it yourself!