Web Design Preston

Part 1:

“Pay Per Click” otherwise referred to as PPC or Google AdWords is a fantastic tool to market your website online.

Put in simple terms you have a campaign with loads of key phrases and adverts relating to each key phrase. So if you sell Tennis Rackets then you would have a list of key phrases ( A phrase that people who are looking on a search engine might type to find you) like “Buy Tennis Rackets” or “Buy Tennis Rackets Online” with an advert that is short and punchy like:

Buy Tennis Rackets Online
Online Store Selling all Tennis
Racket Brands. Sale On Now!

The advert will show between the light yellow box at the top of Google searches and the adverts displayed down the right hand side.

Your position is is determined by the amount you are willing to bid and the popularity or “Click Through rates”  Part 2 explains more about “Click Through rates” and bids. We will also talk about pro’s and cons and what not to do.