Website Call To Action’s

Three times in the last week I noticed on large, established websites whilst browsing them that they didn’t have 1 call to action… A call to action can be very subtle but in my world every website needs one!

A call to action doesn’t need to be just associated with sales websites. All websites have a purpose: download software/apps, buy a product, sell a service, give advice, deliver news and offer information. All of which need to direct users to certain points of the site quickly and easily.

A call to action provides users with:

  1. An easy way to get to where they need to go.
  2. A focus on the direction of the website.
  3. Encouragement to click.
  4. An easier browsing experience.

Any great website design is a mixture of clever thinking, subtle design and user navigation research. Call to actions are a massive part of our daily web browsing experience, some are subtle ways to point us in the direction and others are just plain in our face. All are extremely important!

Do a quick assessment on your website, be honest with yourself and ask “does my site have the right call to actions?” If the answer is “No” then re-design it!


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