Web Design Preston

Good web designers start by using a wire frame sketched out in a rough format to work out the layout of a new website. A wire frame is used to establish the layout of the content so that it all fits in nicely, works well and flows through the design.

As a experienced web designer and developer, the thing I hate the most is browsing another website that has not been laid out properly. I am always banging on about the fact that simple things like the company telephone number should be easy to find and almost in your face. Websites with no call to actions have no way of directing you to the places of interest, and websites that don’t work above the fold are just plain frustrating.

Using a  wire frame as the foundation of your design ensures that you are not missing out the key elements needed to ensure that the website works! Such a simple technique is sadly missed by a high percentage of designers. It’s is so easy to get wrapped up in colours and images before you start with the basics. A wire frame is is without a doubt the first place you should start when working on a new website.