Web Design Preston

It was reported in 2012 that 30% of web browsing was conducted on mobile devices. 2013 is going to see a massive hike in users browsing the web on said devices.

So it goes without saying that your website MUST be easy to use on a mobile device. With the addition of 4g and record sales predicted in mobile devices and tablets this year it is ultra important that you look at your website and ask yourself the question: ”is my website easy to use on a mobile device??”.

Our last blog post was all about responsive web design. Responsive websites are built to using new coding allowing websites to automatically recognise different devices thus resizing the website to look great o even the smallest screen.

If the answer is “NO” then it is time that you thought about starting up a new one. If it isn’t responsive then very soon you are going to be needing one because it is a bit outdated anyway.